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What is Mindful Eating?

posted Mar 27, 2014, 6:05 AM by   [ updated Mar 27, 2014, 6:12 AM ]
Mindful Eating is allowing yourself to become aware of the positive and nurturing opportunities that are available through food selection and preparation by respecting your own inner wisdom. By using all your senses in choosing to eat food that is both satisfying to you and nourishing to your body, acknowledging your responses to food (likes, dislikes or neutral) without judgment, and becoming aware of physical hunger and satiety cues to guide your decisions to begin and end eating you can change your relationship to food. (From  Principles of Mindful Eating ).

Our relationship to food is a central one that reflects our attitudes toward our environment and ourselves. As a practice, mindful eating can bring us awareness of our own actions, thoughts, feelings and motivations, and insight into the roots of health and contentment. The Center for Mindful Eating (TCME) is a forum for professionals across all disciplines interested in developing, deepening and understanding the value and importance of mindful eating. The Center for Mindful Eating has created principles intended to guide people who are interested in mindful eating

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